Read more about the map we used for the app and the character Giovanni we created. You can also find out more about the researchers behind the project – Fabrizio Nevola and David Rosenthal – as well as the people that made the project possible.

About Giovanni

About Bonsignori’s map

About the researchers


You can also read two articles that discuss the project:

Fabrizio Nevola and David Rosenthal, ‘Locating experience in the Renaissance city using mobile app technologies: the ‘Hidden Florence’ project,’ Mapping Space, Sense, and Movement in Florence:  Historical GIS and the Early Modern City, ed. Nicholas Terpstra, London: Routledge 2016, 187-209. Link to book.

Fabrizio Nevola, ‘Microstoria 2.0: Geo-locating Renaissance spatial and architectural history,’ in Early Modern Studies after the Digital Turn.  ed. Laura Estill, Diane Jakacki, and Michael Ullyot, Toronto: Iter, 2016 (Series: New Technologies in Medieval and Renaissance Studies), 259-82. Link to book.

Hidden Florence by Fabrizio Nevola is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

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