Hidden Florence 3D: San Pier Maggiore

Hidden Florence 3D: San Pier Maggiore is the result of a collaborative research project led by Fabrizio Nevola (University of Exeter), with Donal Cooper (University of Cambridge) and Nicholas Terpstra (University of Toronto). The app and project have been made possible with support from the Getty Foundation, through its Digital Art History initiative; additional support was provided from the University of Exeter and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK (award: AH/R008086/1). This app links with content created in the Hidden Florence app, available to download through AppStore and GooglePlay.

We are especially grateful to our partners for this project, the National Gallery, London.

The original San Pier Maggiore model – which forms the starting point for the 3D model in the app – was created as part of a collaboration between Donal Cooper and François Penz (University of Cambridge) and Jennifer Sliwka (then National Gallery), and created by Miguel Santa Clara in 2015. Our thanks also go to our Firenze Scomparsa team that participated in the Duke University advanced visualization workshops (2018 and 2019), exploring the 3D San Pier Maggiore model for research and development testing in the app: Nicola Amico, Chiara Capulli and Cristina Mosconi. Subsequent research for the model was conducted by Donal Cooper with Chiara Capulli, with the 3D developers at Zubr.

App developers

App developed and designed by Calvium and Zubr.co

Project partners

Comune di Firenze – Centro Storico Patrimonio Mondiale UNESCO office

Associazione MUS.E.

National Gallery, London

Polo museale della Toscana – Ministero dei Beni e delle attività culturali

DECIMA, University of Toronto


Press: University of Exeter Humanities press office (Kerra Maddern)

HiddenFlorence website design: Daniel Jamison

Films made by Ross Gill, Freshgroundfilms

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