Cosimo, 1459: The City Boss

Thanks to his banking fortune, patronage and political cunning, Cosimo de’ Medici has been the unofficial ruler of the Florentine republic for 25 years. Some call him a tyrant, others their greatest friend. Now, at the height of his prestige, Cosimo wants to persuade you that it’s never just been about the Medici – everything he’s built has also been for the honour of Florence and the glory of God.

Cosimo laid the foundations for Medici power and the supremacy of his namesake, Grand Duke Cosimo l de’ Medici, a century later. In this tour, he shows you the sites of his magnificent legacy, where he cultivated Florence’s classical revival and the best architects, artists and scholars of his day. Along the way, Cosimo reveals himself to be a proud city boss, yet one who fears that, in God’s ledger, his sins may outweigh his good works.