Read below for links to recent news items about the project.

We were delighted that Richard Ayoade and guest star Rebel Wilson tried Hidden Florence in their Christmas special issue of Travel Man (aired Channel4 on 25 December 2016). View the show here (33 minutes in).


“This is kind of like playing Pokemon GO but with historical sites”. Rebel Wilson

To launch the app we commissioned three short films from Ross Gill that describe the Hidden Florence app and the research that went into it. View them here!

A short promotional film that shows the app in action (3 minutes)

A brief documentary film, in which Prof Fabrizio Nevola and Dr David Rosenthal discuss the research that underpins the app (5 minutes)

A very short promotional film (30 seconds)

University of Exeter press release article (13 August 2014)

Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) feature article (19 August 2014)

The Florentine (11 September 2104)

Sole24Ore (14 September 2014)

Pervasive Media Studio Bristol (20 January 2015)

Watch the recording of a talk Fabrizio gave at Duke University’s ‘Wired Lab’ about the project (February 2016)

Read an interview with Prof Nicholas Terpstra about our article in a book published by Routledge which discusses the project (April 2016).

As part of the VISTA AR project launch in Exeter cathedral we presented the app. Fabrizio appeared in a brief BBC Spotlight news report (7 September 2017) and on BBC Devon radio talking about Hidden Florence.


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