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“This is kind of like playing Pokemon GO but with historical sites”. Rebel Wilson. Richard Ayoade and guest star Rebel Wilson tried Hidden Florence in their Christmas special issue of Travel Man (aired Channel4 on 25 December 2016). View the show here (33 minutes in).

It’s fun to listen to the commentary while walking”. Read a detailed review in Japanese by one of our users here!

We really enjoyed reading the long review posted by Kieron, a cyclist on holiday, extracted here: “Enriching our experience of Firenze, this is absolutely wonderful and, for those bodies and organisations that have the vision and finance, is the future of heritage tourism […] In short, DO NOT visit Firenze and not undertake this FREE guide to the city.”

Tripadvisor give the app 5* and have quite a few reviews, including one that says it is “amazingly well made app which is both a fun and hugely informative”. Keep posting!

 “This is kind of like playing Pokemon GO but with historical sites”. Rebel Wilson (Travel Man, Channel4, aired 25 December 2016)

I just wanted you to know that this is the best idea to mix modern technology and history I heard yet […] Now to figure out how to travel to Florence to use it on location… (James L.)

Lovely insight into Florence life The audio content of this app is lovely and you get to hear a unique insight into the everyday life of a local. (Joe H.)

A very informative app giving in-depth information on a limited number of sites. This is useful not just for the visitor to Florence but, even more so, for the student of the Renaissance, sitting in his or her armchair, who wants to learn more about the culture and day-to-day life in the greatest citiy of the Quattrocento. Entertaining, visually interesting and instructive, in equal measures. Well done! (Anon. AppStore)

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this app! It’s perfect — well designed and interactive and it shows you Florence from a different perspective, not like the rest of the tourist guides! I’ve had a lot of fun with it today and did both of the walls. I wish there was more, because it was awesome! (Dinara, GooglePlay store)